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How to Get a Cloud Security Knowledge Certificate

Get a Cloud Security Knowledge Certificate

Table of Contents

What is CCSK Certification?
Roadmap to Earning Your CCSK Certification
CCSK exam module

What is CCSK Certification?

As industries shift to the cloud, they require platform information security professionals. The CCSK certification is widely recognized as the standard of knowledge for cloud security, providing you with a uniform and supplier knowledge of how to protect data in the cloud. The CCSK certification is the foundation for earning additional cloud skills designed for specific vendors or professional roles.

This article will go through how to earn your certificate in cloud security knowledge (CCSK).

Roadmap to Earning Your CCSK Certification

Earning the CCSK will empower you with the knowledge required to effectively design a comprehensive cloud security program following globally acknowledged norms. So, here are a few key indicators to assist you in staying focused while studying for the exam and passing it successfully.

  • Know all about the exam
  • Know what you need to study
  • Choose how to study
  • Study materials
  • Experience real-world exam

1. Know all about the exam
The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) created this knowledge-based credential to ensure that many professionals know new risks and adopt suitable security procedures to secure cloud computing.

  • Prerequisites: While CCSK doesn’t require any experience, having some basic knowledge of cloud computing and related threats is recommended. Also, some of the basic understanding of security concepts like firewall, encryption, secure development, and identity and access management will be extremely helpful.
  • Target audience: Anyone interested in learning more about cloud security and pursuing a career as a cloud security specialist can get this certification. It is highly beneficial for Computer Analysts, Cloud Administrators, Cloud Architects, and Cloud Engineers.
  • Exam Details: The exam is an open book and is administered online. You can begin an exam whenever it is convenient for you. You’ll have 90 minutes to finish it, and you’ll be answering 60 questions drawn at random from the CCSK question database. The minimum passing score is 80%.

2. Know what you need to study
The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) is the industry’s first cloud security certificate. So when you are ready to earn CCSK certification, you need to know what you have to study. Here are the modules covered in CCSK certification.

CCSK exam module

Module 1: Cloud computing fundamentals

To start, all you need to do is have knowledge of cloud computing fundamentals. So here in this module, you will go through some of the basic concepts of cloud computing, including basic definitions, architecture, and the role of virtualization.

Module 2: Infrastructure security for cloud computing

This module covers securing the core infrastructure of cloud-computing-cloud elements, networks, management interfaces, and administrator privileges.

Module 3: Managing cloud security and risk

This module covers the risk assessment and governance and legal compliance issues.

Module 4: Data security for cloud computing

This module goes further into securing data in the cloud, encryption for IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, and data security lifecycle.

Module 5: Application security and identity management for cloud computing

This module delves into identity and access management, secure software development life cycle (SSDLC),  and testing assessment in the cloud.

Module 6: Cloud security operations

This module covers the essential factors to consider while analyzing, selecting, and managing cloud computing providers.

Domain weightage of CCSK Exam3. Choose how to study
While preparing for any exam, you must choose how you want to study. You can select the following type of study:

  • Study on your own: If you don’t have time to complete any training courses or are experiencing any budget issues, you can study for the exam from online videos, blogs, and books.
  • Enroll in training: Enrolling in a well-affiliated and accredited CCSK training exam preparation institute is an excellent place to start. It is one of the most efficient processes for preparation. These training alternatives include certificate manuals, additional learning resources, video training classes conducted by expert professionals, study groups, live exam situations, and much more to assist you in your preparation. If you are checking an instructor-led training, you can checkout InfosecTrain.

4. Use study materials
The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) offers a security guidance manual that defines 14 domains. This guidebook is used to answer 92% of the questions. The CSA’s official website has this and other complementary materials which can be used to prepare for the exam.

5. Experience real-world exam
Taking and practicing real-world exam questions will be a beneficial approach for preparation. As we can see, the exam material is entirely subjective, with the subject matter addressing a wide range of topics. So trying to solve as many practice papers as possible is a fantastic way to prepare. Practicing gives you a sense of the pattern of questions and the types of questions.

Because the exam is administered online, you can take it whenever and anywhere you want after a test token. If you took a training course, thoroughly studied the exam materials, and reviewed your notes before taking the exam. Also, make sure you have a stable internet connection and a full 90 minutes free of interruptions or distractions.

Final Thoughts

The CCSK certification assists a professional in expanding his grasp of numerous cloud security threats and establishing a lucrative career in the cloud security field.

I suggest that you get professional assistance if you want to pass this exam on the first try. InfosecTrain, a worldwide recognized IT security organization, offers a cloud security knowledge certificate training program (CCSK). The program assists participants in obtaining CCSK certification and gaining a thorough understanding of cloud security.

My name is Pooja Rawat. I have done my B.tech in Instrumentation engineering. My hobbies are reading novels and gardening. I like to learn new things and challenges. Currently I am working as a Cyber security Research analyst in Infosectrain.
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