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How to Crack a Cybersecurity Interview?

Since the rise of the pandemic, organizations have begun to take interviews online. Considering the approaches of the interviews, we should be readily prepared for the interview to showcase our knowledge, skills, and confidence that would help crack the cybersecurity interview. This comprehensive blog is curated with the best tips that you can apply to crack the Cybersecurity Interview.

How to crack a Cybersecurity Interview

Prepare for common questions

Before going to a cybersecurity interview, better be prepared with the commonly asked questions like what are your strengths and weaknesses? Have you gone through the company profile? What made you choose this position? Do you have any questions? etc. Answer these questions confidently and ensure to grab the interviewer’s attention on you. Do not lose yourself in the middle of the interview; stay focused and attentive to understand the perspective of the questions shooted by the interviewer.

Use the STAR technique

If you are having trouble describing a situation or narrating a scenario when asked to answer the questions like ‘Tell me a scenario when,’ or ‘Give an example of when you,’ then the STAR technique would help you organize your words in a better way. The Situation, Task, Action, and Result (STAR) is a process of gathering your views and words to offer a clear picture of explaining your prior situation, what happened, and how it went.

Go through the common cybersecurity questions

To understand your foundation level, interviewers might ask you basic cybersecurity questions to evaluate your competency. It is pretty common to forget some basic answers to such questions. So, go through the common cybersecurity interview questions thoroughly to make yourself comfortable while answering. It also projects the confidence of your knowledge in the domain to the interviewer.

Expect challenging questions

At times, the Interviewers want to find a person who has problem-solving skills and can work in a challenging environment. So, they might put you in a situation that you find difficult to grab. These challenging questions evaluate your stability and intervention in finding better ways to solve the challenging task.

Be Passionate about your projects and achievements

Projects and achievements or appreciations will add tremendous value to your resume. When the interviewer asks about your projects, try to explain the project briefly by highlighting the results and skills you learned while working with the project. Highlight your project skills related to the job role. Admit the level of proficiency of your skills when the interviewer asks you.

Don’t ever say a simple ‘No’ to any question

If the interviewer asks about the experience or skills you haven’t done before, then don’t panic and say no, I don’t have that experience, or no, I’ve never done that. Don’t ever lie about some skills you don’t even know; sometimes, the interviewer might go deeper to analyze your skills.

If you are in a situation to answer such questions, try to respond reasonably like I heard about it, but I never got an opportunity to go deep into it and work on it. Also, add your relevant experience or skills to that question to make the interviewer understand your capability and that you are open to learning and persuading the necessary skills.

Admit yourself if you don’t know something

If you’re not familiar with some items, consider other approaches to answering the question. Tell them whether you’ve heard of the topic previously, and then admit that you don’t know much. Alternatively, take the chance to ask whether it is something you should focus on mastering so that it would represent your enthusiasm and curiosity throughout the interview.

While researching the company, check out the company’s tools that would make you ready to answer such questions. You can also check for the latest tools and methods relevant to your job role.

Prepare and update your resume

Your resume should be precise and readily reflects your skills, experience, and certifications that would evaluate your value to the company. The interviewer might check for their critical requirements in your resume, so make sure you update your certifications and skills relevant to this job in the first place.

Do not overtake the question

Let the interviewer complete the entire question, and give them the necessary time to elaborate on the question. If you overtake the question, the interviewer might get offended and assume that you are overconfident with the job, which would lead your profile into the least possible option. Take your time to understand the question’s perspective and deliver precisely what the interviewer wants from your answer.

Do not be afraid to ask questions

It may become quite unpleasant and exhausting if all you are waiting for is the next question from them. Quite often, during the interview, take a chance to ask questions. It gives you a breather from continually responding to the questions and prevents you from becoming tired and losing attention. You may provide better replies if you can better comprehend the question.

For instance, If they ask if you are familiar with a particular software or programming language, instead of responding immediately, you may reply, “Yes, I am familiar with the tool,” and then inquire about how the tool is implemented in their organization. You can also get a chance to put your prior experiences on the tool that would be most appropriate.

These days, interviews are being conducted online, and remote working opportunities are initiating to rise in the upcoming days. You should be readily prepared with your keywords and answers a day before the interview to avoid the struggles of searching for things. Please make yourself comfortable and dress up formally to grab the interviewer’s attention by proactively responding to them.

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Emaliya Keerthana
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Emaliya Keerthana working as a Content Writer at InfosecTrain. She likes to explore the latest technology. She writes on emerging IT-related topics and is passionate about sharing her thoughts through blogs.
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