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Everything you need to know about CompTIA Pentest+

CompTIA introduced Pentest+ certification in 2018. This certification is for intermediate level cybersecurity specialists. If you know regarding penetration testing, this certification will be beneficial for you. This certification’s good part is that this exam includes management skills to plan vulnerability assessment and pen-testing. The course covers launching attacks on the system, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, managing, and reporting vulnerabilities on the Network. Pentest+ assesses the most up-to-date Pentesting, vulnerability assessment, and management skills necessary to determine the Network’s flexibility against the attacks. The successful candidate will have the best practices required to customize the assessment framework to effectively collaborate and communicate recommended techniques to improve the overall state of IT security.

Everything you need to know about CompTIA Pentest+

Course Objectives

  • CompTIA Pentest+ certification gives knowledge on performing penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.
  • Analyze results and data by the emphatic report.
  • Analyze the weightage of planning and critical aspects of compliance
  • Learn how to explore the Network, RF vulnerabilities, physical security attacks, and perform post-exploitation techniques.
  • Understand pen-testing through various coding scripts such as Python, Ruby, Bash, and PowerShell.
  • Understand the flexibility of the Network to vulnerable attacks and how to mitigate them.
  • Knowledge about the overall state of improving IT security across an organization.

Reasons to Earn CompTIA Pen Test+ Certification

  • Job Opportunities : There are a lot of job openings in the IT field, more specifically in cybersecurity. Organizations have a shortage of cybersecurity professionals who are looking to get into this field. So, the organization gives excellent opportunities to CompTIA Pentest+ certified professionals. In the penetration testing role, you use some of the essential tools hackers use. You learn how the entire hacking process works and identify vulnerabilities by going through a process that hackers normally would.
  • Prove your knowledge: CompTIA Pentest+ certification is like proof that validates the skills that you have covered during training.
  • Make an impact: Research indicated that IT professionals with CompTIA Pentest+ perform at a higher level than those who are not certified.
  • Created by security professionals: Cybersecurity professionals have designed the CompTIA Pentest+ certification with many years of experience to solve security issues at the enterprise level. CompTIA Pentest+ certification exam questions are designed to encourage the functionality of the entire certification.

Exam details:
Exam code- PTO-001
Timing-165 minutes
Number of questions- 85 (maximum)
Type of questions- Multiple-choice and Performance-based
Passing Score- 750 (on a scale of 100-900)
Languages- English and Japanese

How is Pentest+ different?
CompTIA Pentest+ is different from other ethical hacking and Pentesting certification. CompTIA created this due to industry requirements. The Pentest+ exam has a hands-on performance-based question and multiple-choice question and is taken at a Pearson VUE testing center online. It also covers vulnerability assessment and management, which is essential. But other certification covers Pentesting and ethical hacking, but they don’t cover vulnerability assessment and management skills. There is three times more job available in vulnerability assessment and management.

CompTIA Pentest+ exam domains are:

  1. Planning and Scoping – 15%: Explain the importance of planning and a vital aspect of the compliance-based assessment.
  2. Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification – 22%: Gather information to prepare for exploitation, then perform vulnerability scan and analyze results.
  3. Attacks and Exploits – 30%: Exploit Network, wireless, application, and RF-based vulnerabilities, and perform post-exploitation techniques.
  4. Penetration Testing Tools – 17%: Conduct information gathering exercise with various tools and analyze the output.
  5. Reporting and Communication – 15%: Utilize report writing and handing best practices explaining recommended mitigation techniques for discovered vulnerabilities.

Prerequisites for CompTIA Pentest+ certification :
CompTIA Pentest+ certification exam requires a minimum of 2-3 years of experience in the IT Security department and knowledge about Network and Pentesting.


Registration Policy:

  • Visit the Pearson VUE website.
  • First time user, create your account, and if you are a running user, sign in to your account. Select your exam, preferred exam center, and time. Now you can choose the online mode for the exam as well.
  • Complete all necessary steps in the registration process.
  • Go to the payment page to finalize your registration.
  • There are two ways to pay for the CompTIA Pentest+ certification exam; first, you can pay by credit card and, the second is pay with an exam voucher purchased from the CompTIA marketplace as a form of payment.

CompTIA Pentest+ Exam retakes policy:
Suppose you fail in your first attempt to pass the certification exam; You need not wait for a second attempt. However, before your third attempt and any subsequent exam to pass the exam, you need to wait for 14 days from the date of your last attempt to pass the exam.

Preparatory resources:

  • Books and eBooks.
  • Practice workshops.
  • Online classes and Instructor-led training.
  • Practice test papers and series.

Job Opportunities with CompTIA Pentest+ certification:
With the Pentest+ certificate, you can apply for different roles:

  • Penetration Tester
  • Vulnerability Tester
  • Application Security Engineer
  • Security Analyst
  • Application Security Vulnerability professionals

How can You get CompTIA Pentest+ certification training:
Infosectrain provides instructor-led training for CompTIA Pentest+ certification. With all the necessary preparation for the certification exam. Infosec Train is one of the best Training organization, focusing on a range of IT security training. Certified instructors deliver all training with years of industry experience. You can check and enroll in our CompTIA Pentest+ -certification-training to prepare for the certification exam.

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