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CyberArk Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

The CyberArk Certification is for Cybersecurity experts who want to enhance their learning skills in the critical identity and access management layer of security. CyberArk is a privileged access management company that provides the most comprehensive security solution for any identity, human or machine, across business apps, remote workforces, hybrid cloud workloads, and the DevOps lifecycle.

CyberArk Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

In this article, we will cover top CyberArk interview questions and answers.

1: What is CyberArk?

CyberArk is a privileged access management system that enables you to manage and access your accounts while ensuring the security of privileged accounts, devices, passwords, and other sensitive information.

2: What are the critical functions of CyberArk?

The primary function of CyberArk is organized by CyberArk EPV, which is known as Enterprise Password Vault. CyberArk EPV is a component of the Privileged Account Security Solution, and it allows organizations to secure, manage, control, and update all forms of privileged passwords and SSH keys automatically.

3:  Mention CyberArk’s User Directories?

CyberArk has the following user directories:

  • Oracle Internet Directory
  • Novell eDirectory
  • Active Directory
  • IBM Tivoli DS

4: What is PSM?

The Privileged Session Manager (PSM) is responsible for safeguarding, regulating, and monitoring privileged users’ access and activities across databases, network devices, operating systems, websites, SaaS, and other available alternatives. For constant monitoring, PSM records every keystroke and mouse click.

5:  What are the protective layers in CyberArk Vault?

The CyberArk Vault protection layers are as follows:

  • Code-Data Isolation and Firewall
  • Visual Security Audit Trail and Encrypted Network Communication
  • Granular Access Control and Strong Authentication
  • Dual Control Security and File Encryption
  • VPN and Ready-to-Use Security


6: What does Identity and Access Management entail?

The IT security discipline, business discipline, methodology, and solutions that enable the right people to access the correct digital identities at the right time are referred to as Identity and Access Management (IAM) and also known as identity management.

7: Is it possible to manually administer the CyberArk Vault?

It can be managed by tools including:

  • PrivateArk Client
  • PrivateArk Web Client
  • Private Vault Web Access

8: Which CyberArk component allows commands to be allowed or blocked per user or system?

On-Demand Privileges Manager command.

9: What is OPM?

OPM is an acronym for On-Demand Privileges Manager, available for Linux/Unix and Windows. On-Demand Privileges Manager uses vaulting technology to protect and manage privileged access to Unix or Linux commands and enables comprehensive visibility and management of super users and privileged accounts across the company.

10: What are the requirements for enabling the auto password reconciliation policy?

The requirements for enabling an auto password reconciliation policy in CyberArk are as follows.

  • For specified policies, enable password reconciliation
  • Additional account on the tracking server with appropriate permissions
  • Enabled password-checking software
  • When a password is not synchronized, enable password reconciliation

11: What is CyberArk Viewfinity?

CyberArk Viewfinity is an Endpoint Privilege Manager (EPM) that helps organizations improve their security. EPM enables the organization’s business to impose minimal privilege policies for system administrators. CyberArk Viewfinity limits the attack surface, reduces the risk of endpoint and server damage, and separates administrative tasks on servers.

12:  What are the different CyberArk components?

There are various CyberArk components.

  • Digital Vault
  • Password Vault Web Access Interface
  • Privileged Session Manager
  • SSH key Management
  • Privileged Session Manager for Web
  • Privileged Session Manager for SSH
  • On-Demand Privileges Manager
  • Threat Analytics Privileged
  • Central Policy Manager
  • SDK Interface


13: After the erroneous password count, how many times can we increase access?

Maximum 99 times.

14: Define CPM (Central Policy Manager)?

The Central Policy Manager (CPM) uses a Privileged Access Management (PAM) system to provide a password management mechanism that enforces industry regulations automatically. This password management technique can automatically generate new passwords and change existing passwords on remote machines.

15: What is a PrivateArk Client?

The PrivateArk Client is a Windows application that is used as an administrative customer for the PAS solution. The client accesses the Enterprise Password Vault through the internet and deploys it to remote devices. Clients create safes and describe the vault hierarchy using this interface.

16:  What are the three CyberArk solutions pillars?

Three pillars of CyberArk solutions:

  1. PIMS (Privileged Identity Management Solution)
  2. SIMS (Sensitive Information Management Solution)
  3. PSMS (Privileged Session Management Solution)

17:  Explain Privileged Threat Analytics?

Privileged Threat Analytics (PTA) investigates the use of privileged accounts managed by PAM. It also monitors reports that CyberArk hasn’t yet regulated and examines signs of platform abuse.

18:  What database passwords can CyberArk handle?

 CyberArk handle following database:

  1. DB2
  2. MS SQL
  3. Oracle DB
  4. MySQL

19:  Full form of BYOC?

Bring Your Own Client. It is used by gamers during a multi-player gaming event in the gaming culture.

20:  Access control for CyberArk Vault can be defined by?

Safe, Folder, and Object.

21: Mention the procedures for registering a privileged account with CyberArk PIMS through PVWA?

To register for a privileged account, we must first:

  • Make a safe proprietor and define it
  • Make a policy for CPM and PSM
  • Implement a PIM (Private Identity Management) policy
  • Add the account and its properties to the list (username, password, address, etc.)

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