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An Overview of the CISA Certification and Its Importance as a Credential

The CISA (Certified Information Security Auditor) Certification is a globally recognized certification awarded by ISACA. This certification validates the knowledge, skill, and expertise of an information security professional in the vital areas of managing vulnerabilities, instituting control, and ensuring compliance. A CISA certified professional is capable of meeting the dynamic challenges facing modern organizations, particularly those associated with information security.

Why to go for the CISA Certification?

Following are some notable benefits of obtaining the CISA Certification:

  • It is globally recognized as the center of excellence for Information Security and Audit Professionals
  • It markets and quantifies your expertise as an information security professional
  • It validates your knowledge and experience in the field
  • It provides you with competitive advantage over your non-certified peers
  • It provides you with high job security and high salary, reaching $ 125,000 and even more
  • It makes you a part of an elite global community of information security professionals

Prerequisites for Obtaining the CISA Certification

The IT professionals desirous of obtaining the CISA certification have to go through a comprehensive testing and application process. Following are the main prerequisites for obtaining the CISA certification:

  • Clearing the CISA Certification Exam
  • Submitting an application for CISA certification with documentary proof of at least 5 years of full-time work experience in information systems auditing, control, or security
  • Complying with the code of professional ethics
  • Adhering to the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program
  • Complying with the Information Systems Auditing Standards

Substitution and Waivers for the professional experience required for the CISA Certification

  • One-year of auditing, security, and control experience can be substituted with one year of full-time experience in information systems or auditing
  • One-year of required auditing, security, and control experience could also be substituted with 60 to 120 completed university semester credit hours (the equivalent of a two-year or four-year degree)
  • One-year of required auditing, security, and control experience could be substituted for two years of full-time university instructor experience in a related field
  • A master’s degree in information technology or information security from a recognized university could be substituted for one year of professional experience

Who can benefit the most from the CISA Certification?

  • IT Mangers
  • System Analysts
  • Security Consultants
  • Cybersecurity Professionals
  • Information Security Auditors
  • Information Technology or Information Systems Consultants

CISA Certification Exam

The CISA Certification Exam is considered one of the toughest exams in the IT security domain. Industry data suggest that only 50% of the candidates who take this exam gets through it. Some factors that make this exam so tough are that it’s a paper-based exam and the questions asked are usually subjective and ambiguous. Therefore, if you want to crack the CISA Exam in one go, it would be wise to enroll in a reliable CISA Certification Training Program. Such a training program could enable you to pass this rigorous examination in a single attempt.

Final Words

Though it is not easy to obtain the CISA certification owing to the demanding nature of its exam and other application conditions attached to it, it’s truly worthwhile. You can get CISA Certification with the help of a reliable training program. Infosec Train is a known name in the information security training sphere that offers world-class training in various IT and information security courses. If you are looking for credible CISA training, you may trust Infosectrain.

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