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Vivek Gupta
Writer And Editor
 Vivek is an experienced and versatile content writer having multi-industry knowledge. He has extensive experience writing for IT related topics such as artificial intelligence, IoT, data science, cybersecurity, data centers, and cloud computing, to name a few.

The What, Why and How About the CISM Certification

Today, we are living in the age of information revolution where we receive information from various sources and mediums on a daily basis. The primary source of this information is the virtual information highway, called the Internet. Since the Internet is a worldwide network accessible to all, information sec...

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5 Most Demanded AWS Certifications in the IT Industry

Today, a large number of business organizations around the world are embracing the cloud computing technology. The main advantages offered by cloud computing to modern businesses include high flexibility, scalability, enhanced safety, ease of integration, network accessibility via the internet, and cost-savin...

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