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Nishant Budakoti
Infosec Train
Nishant Budakoti is an M.Tech in field of VLSI and has experience of over 6 years working with electrical utlilities. He is a voracious reader. He loves working with different technologies and prefers online medium to learn and share.
Taming The Mathematical Monster

Taming The Mathematical Monster

Most of us have two biggest hurdles while deciding to learn Data Science. One is that we need to learn how to code, and the other is mathematics. And since maths has bullied us in our school days, we might have more of an aversion towards it. Here, we will try to beat that bully back by understanding why we n...

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Realize a Hypothesis like a Data Scientist

Realize a Hypothesis like a Data Scientist Pro

A long time ago, there lived a beautiful Hypothesis. It could predict everything- the weather, the Stock market, the World Wars. But no one believed it. Why? Because the Hypothesis was not validated. Our world is very cruel to Hypothesis. They are tested time and again. They are judged. You will meet many ...

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Kickstart A Powerful Career In Data Science

This world has always been filled with wonders. And the best thing is- new fun things keep popping up. Some find the new species of bees incredible, while others find the development of carbon nanotubes quite fascinating. If you are in Team Data and find it the most fanciful, then let us explore how you can s...

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