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CISSP Certification Training

What is the best way to prepare for the CISSP exam?

Congratulations on registering to take the most coveted exam in the InfoSec domain! The CISSP certification is an exhaustive exam and we have listed the exam details, exam tips, the resources, the endorsement process and the re-certification process in the paragraphs below: Exam details: 1. A CISS...

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How to prepare for CCSP exam?

Congratulations on deciding to take the CCSP exam! While the CCSP exam is not considered to be as grueling as the CISSP exam – but it needs its own preparation! The first step in preparing for the CCSP exam is understanding the exam details. These are listed below: Candidates for the CCSP exam must dem...

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Domain 2: Asset Security

‘Asset’ as specified by Google is “a useful or valuable thing or person”. In context to this, an asset in an organization can be information, equipment or facilities that have great value. Protecting assets is an important component of security programs and the second domain of the CISSP exam throws l...

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Domain 1: Security and Risk Management

The first domain of the CISSP exam is ‘Security and Risk management’. This domain of the CISSP exam expects the candidates to know the following sub-objectives: The concepts of confidentiality, integrity, and availability The candidate is expected to know the three core principles of Information ...

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Security Incidents that shaped the world in 2018

Social media, the restaurant industry, credit reporting agencies – it looks like none of the industries were spared the impact of breaches in 2018. With the year reporting lesser breaches than 2017, it was still a whopping 945 breaches that led to a leakage of 4.5 billion records in the first half of 2018. ...

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Marriott and Quora breaches: what you should know

It seems to be the season of breaches and hacks. With Marriott reporting its breach on November 30, 2018 and Quora reporting its breach on Dec 7, 2018, it seems that hackers are determined to penetrate systems and grab the personal information of innocent users and use it for their gain! Marriott data breach...

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Domain 3: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security

The third CCSP domain, ‘Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security’ carries 19%weightage in the certification exam. This CCSP domain broadly explains cloud infrastructure components, risks associated with cloud infrastructure, diverse techniques to mitigate risks with extensive security controls and busin...

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Domain 2: Cloud Data Security

The second CCSP domain is ‘Cloud Data security’. This vast domain evaluates the candidate’s technical understanding of: Various phases of cloud data life cycle Cloud data storage architecture including the storage types,security threats and controls Data security strategies along with other o...

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Domain 1: Architectural concepts and design requirements

The “Architectural concepts and design requirements” domain from the CCSP certification curriculum, has 19% weight age in the exam. This CCSP domain broadly tests a candidate’s design and security skills in context to the cloud environment and focuses on the following objectives: Understanding of c...

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