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Jayanthi Manikandan ( )
Cyber Security Analyst
Jayanthi Manikandan has a Master’s degree in Information systems with a specialization in Information Assurance from Walsh college, Detroit, MI. She is passionate about Information security and has been writing about it for the past 6 years. She is currently ‘Security researcher at InfoSec train.

Old CSSLP vs New CSSLP Certification

With breaches, hacks and other security incidents occurring all around the world across every sphere of our digital life, it is imperative to stitch security into every phase of the software life cycle and prevent these incidents. This is exactly what the CSSLP certification from (ISC) 2 does. The ‘Certifi...

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Whatsapp policy updates – Privacy infringement?

“Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA” goes the first line in the Whatsapp Privacy policy page. With the whole tech world analyzing the new ‘Terms and conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ updates of Whatsapp that was issued as an in-app notification for most Whatsapp users on January 4th , 2...

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Security in COTS software in SDLC

Security in COTS Software in SDLC

'Software security' is a crucial aspect of Information security that bolts the multitude of viruses, malware, breaches, hacks, and ransomware attacks in the tech world. This is perfectly described in the eighth domain of the CISSP certification exam. With "software" powering every sector of our digital...

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Security Incidents of 2020!

Security Incidents of 2020!

2020 has been a year to remember! Apart from a virus turning our lives upside down, there has been no dearth of Cybersecurity incidents this year! Whether it is offensive security strategies or defensive security strategies, most organizations try to stay on top of the game by constantly keeping themselves e...

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Privacy Management Program

With privacy becoming an integral part of every organization today, a much more robust approach is needed to handle it. This has resulted in the creation of the ‘Privacy management program,’ which is a much more holistic and unified approach for handling privacy that can be adopted by all organizations, c...

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CIPM 2019 vs CIPM 2020

‘Certified Information Privacy Manager’ or CIPM by IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) is one of the leading privacy manager certifications today. The CIPM certification deals with the “how” aspect of data privacy. The CIPM certification demonstrates that you know “how” to ma...

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Privacy by Design

‘Privacy’ might not have been given much attention a few years back, but it is one of the most important concepts in Information security today. With booming social media and mobile applications, personal and professional information is strewn all over the Internet. Making Privacy an integral part of ever...

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CISSP 2018 vs CISSP 2021

CISSP or  ‘Certified Information Systems Security Professional’ by (ISC)2 is THE certification that is sought by InfoSec professionals all over the world. This gold certification validates an InfoSec professional’s knowledge and experience in the field of cyber security. With the new CISSP slated to be...

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Top 10 Cyber security attacks

In today's digital world, cyber-attacks are an absolute certainty. While the basic types of attacks are still prevalent, new types of attacks have also metamorphosized, creating more monetary and physical destruction.  Here are the Top 10 Cyber Security Attacks that are highly prevalent today. Brute...

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