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InfosecTrain is one of the finest Security and Technology Training and Consulting organization, focusing on a range of IT Security Trainings and Information Security Services. InfosecTrain was established in the year 2016 by a team of experienced and enthusiastic professionals, who have more than 15 years of industry experience. We provide professional training, certification & consulting services related to all areas of Information Technology and Cyber Security.
Top 20 Azure Interview Questions

Top 20 Azure Interview Questions

A lot of companies are looking for Azure certified professionals for their IT solutions. With Azure becoming one of the most prominent services in the cloud provider's realm for infrastructure, there is no doubt that there will be a number of opportunities for you to take you ahead. To get your hands on an op...

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How to become a data protection officer

How to Become a Data Protection Officer?

Take the right steps to start your data privacy career and become a data protection officer! Organizations that process and store personal data need to appoint data protection officers to ensure that they are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With the more spread of digital tech...

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Cybersecurity Training Course

Cybersecurity interview questions for freshers

Aspiring to start your career in Cybersecurity? Here we bring the top Cybersecurity interview questions for freshers that will help you get your first job. We live in such an era where everything is digitalized. From restaurant orders to the public healthcare system and even critical information of a nati...

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Cloud Security Interview Questions

Top 20 Cloud Security Interview Questions

Cracking an interview has never been so easy, so it needs a great preparation. If you are preparing for a cloud security interview, check out these top cloud security interview questions, and get ready for the interview. Cloud Security measures are set up to protect cloud data or the infrastructure of clo...

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How to become a DevOps Engineer?

Enterprises all over the world are rapidly turning towards automation for coping with the pace of digital transformation. Therefore, businesses in the present times often look for professionals with capabilities in new and emerging technologies. The demand for a DevOps engineer career path has been increasing...

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AZ 400 Exam Training

How to prepare for AZ 400?

It is highly recommended to follow the right preparation guide for the preparation of a certification exam. To help you become a Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert, here we bring a definitive study guide for the AZ-400 exam preparation. Let’s dive in! If you have been searching about career...

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CASP+ Preparation Guide

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) Preparation Guide

With the world being digitalized, important data of numerous enterprises and organizations are being stored in the cloud or other digital platforms. These cloud platforms are vulnerable to unauthorized access and cyber-attacks if they're not properly secured. Hence, the need for expert security practitioners ...

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HTTP vs HTTPS | Infographics

HTTP is less secured, while HTTPS is secured. HTTP sends data over port 80, while by default, HTTPS uses port 443. HTTP functions on the application layer, while HTTPS works on the transport layer—no SSL certificates required for HTTP.  HTTPS, an SSL certificate, and a CA sign it. ...

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