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Aishvarya Nair

Top 5 Reasons to take up Cloud Certification

Cloud and its security have become a field of interest in the corporate sector. There is a growth in the number of industries moving to the cloud, and there is an equal increase in the services being offered by the cloud. It was in 2006 that the concept of cloud computing got introduced. Ever since this d...

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Top Trends in Cybersecurity

The recent digital revolution has brought a significant change to our lifestyle by meeting all our needs at just one click. Cybersecurity is the backbone of this industrial transformation. The surge in the use of smart devices and social media interactions have unveiled many loopholes and vulnerabilities in t...

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Hacks and Tips To Understand Everything About CND

Need for certifications Cybersecurity being an imperative domain, is in the utmost need of skilled professionals but, there is a shortage of people fit for the job. The need for skilled professionals and unfilled job roles has always been a matter of concern for the organizations. To bridge the gap between...

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How to prepare for EC Council CHFI Certification?

Need for Cyber Forensics. Recent years have seen digital forensics become an integral part of the cybersecurity community. This field helps us in collecting, preserving, analyzing, and reporting the evidence against cybercriminals accused of breaking the law. It works on the principle that ‘Every con...

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